Monday, December 3, 2012

On Our Way - Almost

It has been a long several months of work, but the finished result is as nice as we can do it without
rebuilding from scratch.  Since July we have been in the final push to make our condo showroom ready to sell.  We painted, fixed, reglazed bathtub, laid new carpet, put in new lights, and tiled bathroom floors, just to name a few projects.

We eliminated as much of our personal tastes from the home, including getting rid of one of our couches to open up space in the living room. I'd been packing as many non-essentials as possible for the past several months, so it was relatively easy to keep the decorative touches minimal.

It seems to have paid off.  We received an offer on the home before we even officially listed. We are still in escrow and praying that it goes through smoothly.  After spending much of the year fixing up first my husband's mothers' home, then ours, we finally seem to be at a close.  It has taken much more work and time than anticipated, but doesn't it always. 

Wednesday hubby and I leave for a trip to Nashville, which is the new homeland we've been working towards.  It will be a six-day scouting trip, we'll look at some houses and hope to find the new home to call our own. We're both hoping it comes with no repairs needed.  Wish us luck!


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