Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's Working Again!

For a few weeks I was not able to access my blog. I was able to sign in and look at other blogs, but could not work on my dashboard.  Not sure what was going on.  Oh yeah, we did have our system crash, my hubby had to rebuild it from scratch, wiping out everything and reloading.  So there may have been some kind of bug or something going on.

There's lots to talk about.  After about four months of constant work, our condo is completed, sold and listed, in that order.  Yep, we got an offer we couldn't refuse on the place before it even officially hit the mls.  It was a story of one agent talking to another agent in the office and a buyer jumping on it more or less sight unseen.  Tho' they did swing by shortly after sending in the offer, just to see if it was as good a deal as their agent had told them.   Bless their hearts, apparently they'd been looking for a condo and lost one place after the other before we came along. They were familiar with the complex, and eager to bite when they heard about it.

I'll post pictures of the results of our labor later.  It's not overly fancy, I had again staged it to try to appeal to a broad audience, but it shows well.  All the more ironic it was bought with only their agent seeing it, but the people were delighted when they saw it.  Now we have to impress the home inspector and appraisor.  Wish us luck, we might be out of here by Christmas yet!

I was looking for a few flowers to freshen up the outside on the last couple of days before we sold and I came across this gorgeous cyclamen.  I just love the vivid reds.  Hopefully it will remain bright and cheerful for the rest of our time here. 

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