Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Classic Yarn

I bought this green urn at Michaels a few years ago. I love the burnished, almost verdigris color and classic lines. I've tried putting a variety of floral designs in it, but find I don't usually have the space to put the larger accent piece. For the past long while it's been empty and moved from corner to corner. I've even debated getting rid of it (gasp!) but couldn't make myself do so.

Last week I was picking up assorted items my girls left lying around. My oldest daughter has been teaching herself knitting and crocheting, and had left her yarn and needles piled up on a couch. In a pique of clutter-busting, I put it in the first empty container, which happened to be this vase. It works! It is not what I imagined ever using it for, but it is quite handsome with the yarn and needles bundled into it.

Isn't it funny how sometimes a careless effect becomes a favorite look?

Friday, October 21, 2011

Pfaltzgraff Giveaway

Just in time for the holidays!  Anita over at Far Above Rubies is hosting a giveaway for this classic set of Pfaltzgraff dinnerware, called Heritage.  Can't you just imagine it nestled in among the rich golds and russets on your Thanksgiving table?  Or giving a stylish look to the silver and gold of Christmas decor, maybe offset with a few pieces of red, a gold charger underneath..... there are so many possibilities!

Anita has done a great job of showcasing this handsome set in her own gorgeous dining room.  She even has a bit of fun history to share on it.  I know you'll enjoy her inspiring use of this classic design.  Good luck to everyone, but most of all to me!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wrapping Needs

I'm not a big shopper lately, it seems to take up too much of my time - and more importantly - my money.  I am trying to get out more and get my inspiration going.  I have to admit I am building up my excitement for the upcoming holiday season.  Today my hubby and I went into Costco. We'd recently renewed our membership after having let it lapse for a year or so, and I was wanting to see what they had going on. Besides, it takes the sting out of that big payout at the cash register if you've made a free lunch of all the food samples they hand out there. I was especially interested in their Christmas section, as they put out wonderful gift packs and decorations early, which are mostly gone by December. Having figured this one out the past few years, I knew to jump on anything desired soon.

Obviously I am a sucker for presentation, but I just love looking at their gift baskets. I know it's probably $10-$40 worth of delicacies I would never want to buy on my own, but something about seeing them prettily assembled and bundled up into a large hamper tied with a bow just thrills me to no end. Take 6 ounces of assorted cookies and pack them into a stacked tier of pretty foil boxes and I am all agog. It's all just so gorgeous, and edible as well!  So I dawdled way too long in that aisle, wondering if I did spend $40 on assorted chocolates and coffees who in the world would I give it to.

Then I found myself in the wrapping paper aisle. I have in the past seen that they carry some very handsome paper and bows collection, but the prices are usually higher than I like, since I do most of my paper shopping at the dollar store. 'Frugal' is our family motto, and if I've made a large point to get the best deal in town on a present, I'm certainly not going to add to the cost by spending more than necessary wrapping it. But I saw a large box of the prettiest handmade Christmas gift tags. They were gorgeous!  There were stars and doves and Santas cut into 3D designs with glitter and ribbon, so sweet. I knew there was no way my cheap soul was going to put out $20 for these tags, even if there were maybe 80 of them, but I was drooling over them.

A few steps further down the aisle, and would you look at that!  A set of 20 Christmas gift bags. Beautiful!  I could see beads and glitter and ribbon and a white pompom that was probably a Santa's hat embellishment. Now, I love using gift bags.  I have had Christmases where half the presents under my tree were in gift bags.  They are attractive, reusable and seriously easy to wrap. I have some I have used for 3-4 years, picking up several new ones every year where ever I find them cheap. Man, I wanted those bags. My husband saw my gaze. 'There are 20 of them, they'd be under a dollar each." I told him. 'Pick them up at the dollar store,' he said. 'For what, a dollar each?' I replied. But I usually wouldn't get 20 at once, so I walked away.

I am now haunted by those darn gift bags.  Why didn't I buy them?  So I put out a whole $20, it's not like I have to use them all this year.  I think I need another trip back to Costco.  Who knows, maybe I'll pick up a coffee gift set as well, bet I'll find someone to give it to.

Happy holiday hunting, all!