Saturday, September 22, 2012

Final Photos of Staging to Sell

We put my mother-in-law's condo on the market last week - finally.

We had worked very hard to present it in the best light possible.  Even though we had painted and tiled and carpeted in neutrals, to attract the broadest range of potential buyers possible, I did want to stage it to give it a lived in feeling.  I went for a subtle beach theme, using blues and browns, trying to add interest and character without putting too much personal taste into it.  There was also a budget concern, I didn't have too much money to put into prepping it for selling, just to pack up everything again when it does sell.  I did want to have a small console table in the front lobby area, as opposed to the blank wall which previously greeted your entrance into the condo.  I picked up this little table on clearance at Big Lots for $75.  I got the plant and picture for a few bucks each at Ross, and used mom's turtle light.

The couch in the livingroom is actually a dark red, you can see a corner peeking out where we need to pull the brown sofa cover back over it.  The cover and blue and brown pillows pull in the neutral beachy theme back into the room.  We are using much of her old furniture, which is dated from the 80s, so lots of oak and brass need to be worked around.  The cedar chest being used as a coffee table holds shell embellished candles.

Prior to our painting the lower half of the fireplace wall a khaki color and adding a white shelf to act as a mantel, her fireplace consisted of a black box in a wall.  I often wondered why she didn't do more to highlight it, but apparently she had plans of a custom-built oak shelf unit surrounding it, which didn't happen in the 20-something years she lived there.  Okay, I have been known to procrastinate, so I get that, but I think I would have done something in the meantime.  The beach scene hanging above the mantel shelf was one I'd bought but didn't have the right place for in my home, and thought it looked great here, right over the glass bottles and shells.

Beside the fireplace we put her mother's trunk. This trunk has gone through several members of her family, and will of course remain with us. It holds this planter bicycle I'd given her some years back, which I filled with faux daisies to complete the look.

She was very pleased with the look when we brought her to view it before we listed it.  In this photo you can see some of the white drape panels with blue and brown border stripes we installed shortly after we began working on it.  Before there were white vertical hanging blinds which had seen better days.

The kitchen shows well now with the new backsplash and faux granite finish on the counters.  We had to install the new stove as well, her previous one was minus a burner or two.

Her diningroom table got a simple centerpiece of candles and a bowl of seashells.  I put out her blue placemats, but decided against going for the whole tablescape as I'd originally pictured.  Again, I'm going for a theme, but trying to not overwhelm people with too many personal touches.

Since mom took her bed out of her master bedroom with her to the assisted living facility, we moved the one out of the spare bedroom into the master bedroom.  This left us in need of a bed in the second bedroom.  This is the old airmattresses on top of boxes trick.  I luckily had two blowup mattress from our camping days.  The scroll is another Goodwill find I had from home.  I think it looks good as a headboard.

Both bathrooms got treated to new towels and a couple of decorative items.

I came across this beautiful cover and sham set in mom's cedar chest.  She was delighted to see it, as it was a gift from years ago.  It looks gorgeous here with the new setup, featuring a Goodwill picture
 I found for $8, and displaying a few of her own items on the dresser.  The lamp is an antique she kept  because it had belonged to a family member.  I suppose if you like the 17th century lord and lady frolicking look, this would be your style, we frankly just needed a lamp here and this was available.

So we are happy to finally have the condo finished and listed.  In fact, we accepted an offer, and are now currently waiting for escrow closure.  I sure hope it goes through, this process has taken much longer than we intended.  We are now thick into fixing up our own condo, which I pray takes less time than this does.  I'm still hoping to be moved out of state before the holidays.


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crazymotheringchick said...

Ack, just saw this blog. Jane, you did a great job staging this, and I do love that kids on the beach picture in particular.

I'm so looking forward to us both being in Nashville!