Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Garden Arch

My husband bought me this wonderful arch for Mother's Day.  I'd wanted one for a long time, and we just happened to come across one when shopping, and guess what - it was on sale!  I'm coaxing my climbing roses up one side, and hoping my honeysuckle on the other side gets really serious about it's vining.  So now what to do about the poor little shabby bench underneath.  I like the bench, cheap plastic thing that it is, but I am dreaming of making a romantic ruffled cover for it, such as those I've seen on some of the other ladies blogs.  How to put together one that will take getting wet and being subjected to the sun and dust on a regular basis?  Anything I put there I'm sure the cats will use a lot more often than me, but I do imagine myself out there.  Let's see what progresses.

Here's a better view of my floribunda roses I'm trying to train up the side.  This is the second year I've had this bush, and I'm pretty happy with the blooms it's producing, considering it's not in that large of a pot.  I do think I need to do something about the white ashish spots I'm starting to get, I suppose that's mildew?  I need to look into something for it, if anyone has some advice for it I'd love to hear it.


Bella said...

Hi Jane, An arbor is a wonderful gift :-) I had to laugh about your cats using the bench... I have a "pack" of dogs and they believe if the sun is shining on patio furniture it belongs to them:-)
Have A Great Weekend,

DesigningLadyJane said...

Hi Bella, thanks for the compliment, I have been wanting an arbor for long time, so of course was delighted. I still want to 'dress' it with more vines, artificial for now, and maybe some tulle. I will share it with the cats, though, it does make it more homey to have all the ones we love enjoying it.