Saturday, January 29, 2011

Carousel Horse Painting

I do occasional dabbling in acrylic painting.  Not that I'm terribly talented or anything, but it's fun to put color on canvas and see how close to the imagined finished product you get.  I've really only completed a handful of paintings, so I'm still very amateur.  My sister Julie is always very encouraging to me. This painting was done specifically for a gift for her.  I'd sent her a painting before that she loved, one I'd done as a 'memory' painting of a young girl at piano lessons.  Julie had spent a few years learning piano and today still loves to sit down and play lovely melodies.

She used to have a good collection of ceramic carousel horses.  She also had 4 young boys, and those carousel horses met with one mishap after another.  So she was delighted that I chose a carousel horse for her painting.  I am very pleased that she likes it.  Maybe I'll pull out my paints sooner this time.


crazymotheringchick said...

You should paint more. I do love my paintings, they are two of my favorite treasures.

I don't know who broke more carousels, the kids or their father. LOL

Mom2boys said...

Beautiful job! I enjoy painting too. It's so relaxing! Thanks for sharing your work!