Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 in Review

I started blogging in May of 2010, and while I know there's many dedicated bloggers who have started later than me and are already pros at this, I still am just feeling my way. Looking through my blogs, tho, I have picked out several photos which remind me of favorite times and blogs. So for 2011, I wish to enjoy more of similar times.

More time on my patio, alas now in winter disrepair, here in spring leisure.

More shopping forays, like this one to Main Street Seal Beach.

More fun with vignettes, using new finds and old favorites.

More Rooster Parties!

More Twilight parties. This was for my daughter's sweet 16 birthday party. Okay, it doesn't have to be Twilight-themed, but more occasion for elegant parties.

More Fall Fun.

More indulgence in the spirit of the Christmas season.

All in all, I guess this means, more fun in blogland! Thanks to all my fellow bloggers for leading, encouraging, and just being here through this year illustrated and shared. I'm looking forward to finding more adventures with you all in 2011.


Pattie said...

No, thanks to you! I have been blogging longer than you and I still can't "GET IT" most of the time! I am still trying to figure out how to have my first linky party! So, I with you on this one.
8>) Happy New Year!

mississippi artist said...

Happy New Year! I am looking forward to more fun blogging too,and I am still dumb about a lot of this blogging stuff!

crazymotheringchick said...

I want more, too! I so agree on the more occasions to have parties, and I want to join a rooster party, and do more vignettes, well do vignettes. LMHO I also want to have more Christmas bloggy fun, and Fall fun, and oh, I'm looking forward to springtime fun!

Hey, Jane, that is a way cool new header as well. Great job.

Shirley said...

Enjoy blogging and dont let it get you crazy...the year has just begun and there is so much to your roosters and that cozy sitting spot..
Happy New Year..
Shirley (and cupid)

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi: It sure looks like you had a wonderful year of blogging. I look forward to getting to know your this coming year. Blessings, Martha