Sunday, December 12, 2010

Every Day Enjoyed

This was the second to last weekend before Christmas. Things I did NOT do:
1. Go to the mall and shop for items for my daughters, as intended.
2. Start addressing Christmas cards.
3. Even purchase those Christmas cards.
4. Get a head start on the cranberry sauce for Tuesday's luncheon.
5. Make up the cookies for Wednesday's cookie exchange.
6. Do any cleaning of house or organizing of decorations.
7. Catch up on those blogging parties I was hoping to participate in.

Things I DID do this weekend.
1. Spent several hours Saturday pulling out a sewing machine I haven't used in many years to help my daughter with a sewing project for her fasion design class.
2. Went out Saturday evening for a hot dog outside Costco with the family and some window shopping with them later (research).
3. Spent most of the day Sunday out with my husband, beginning with a local museum gift shop I had a certificate for.
4. The intended trip to the mall turned into a hike at a local bird sanctuary in honor of the warmer than usual weather.
5. Lunch with husband and running errands with him.
6. Bought one silver reindeer at a local pharmacy while picking up meds.
7. Counting my blessings on this blog.

Hope everyone is enjoying every minute of the Holiday Season.


Kitchen-Dreams said...

What a great weekend!

crazymotheringchick said...

Yep, I did not do way too many things I had planned to do.... yikes. I gotta figure how to work and have a life, too.... Ha ha ha!