Saturday, June 30, 2012

Kitchen Counter Redo - Pt 1

My husband has been working on getting his mom's house ready to put on the market.  One of the projects he has completed is refacing her kitchen counter tops.  They were a very undistinguished off white standard builders grade laminate.  He used the Giani granite look countertop paint, which we've gotten to refinish our old but still functional bathroom counter.  The kit comes with everything you need, and involves putting on a black primer, then sponge painting on a series of paints to achieve the look of granite, and finishing up with a couple coats of polyurethane finish.

Here is the original countertop, taped off and ready to be primed.

Even putting the primer on gives it more presence, I thought.

You need to work in sections, so the three colors you are dabbing on have a chance to blend naturally.  That stove will be replaced, not only is it outdated, half of the burners don't work.

Here is a good section of the finished color.  Putting on the polyurethane afterward really gives it a nice shine, and of course protection.  He finished by replacing her kitchen faucet, doing a much better job than the 'professional' which had replaced her last faucet just a few years ago. The 'almost-new' faucet was leaking badly from the handles.

I do not know why I don't have a complete picture of the finished countertops, as this was completed several weeks ago.  Since his mom was still living there, he needed to complete this as quickly as possible. We do need to either paint the walls or put on the mosiac tile which he wants to do.  We already have the tile purchased, the hold up is in contemplating how to install it around the electrical plugins and light fixtures.  I'm pushing to forget the tiling for expediency sake and paint the walls a nice taupe color to match the new countertops.

I'll post the finished pictures soon, hopefully we'll have the walls done and maybe even have the new stove installed as well.

Take care, and everyone have a glorious 4th of July!


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