Monday, April 23, 2012

Busy Times

In the past several weeks since I have not posted on this blog, my family had gone through several issues.

1.  My mother-in-law has been in and out of the hospital and a couple of rehab/nursing centers.  Her health has been failing since the first of the year, and we have spent more time than ever looking after her or visiting her in different medical facilities.

During her last rehab stint, we rushed to paint her condo.  Since our grand plan for the year includes selling both condos and moving into a larger home together, this is necessary, and her being out of her home for what turned out to be 10 days presented an opportunity to paint and fix up her place.  Of course it was extremely hectic as I am still working full-time, so my hubby did much of the work himself while juggling visiting his mom and putting in the occasional stop at home.  I worked with  him on the weekends, we finished what we could at midnight the night before Easter, which is when we promised to bring mother home.  I do hope to post a few pictures of a couple of the projects at her place later.

2. Easter.  I was too exhausted to give it the attention I wanted to, but I still made our too-old-for-baskets daughters Easter baskets and had a much appreciated our family only brunch before checking out mother-in-law at the home. Anyone who has needed to juggle other family desires with the need of a more full-time individual understands how this family time apart is needed.

3. My oldest daughter celebrated her 21st birthday.  We spent the day before at an amusement park, had the family party with grandma/mother-in-law the next day.  The following week she gave a party at home for her friends. The party was based on a Mardi Gras theme.  God bless the Dollar Store, you can get so much good party stuff there and still afford to feed your guests.

Don't you just love that humongous stuffed bear my hubby bought her?  He's still taking up half the couch, we don't know where else to put him.

4. I officially filed the paperwork for my retirement.  Since I work for a government agency, I am supposed to do this 3 months in advance.  My retirement date is July 5.  I am so ready.

I hope everyone is enjoying their spring fast turning to summer.


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Kitchen-Dreams said...

working full time and taking care of a a family does make one very busy. july will be here before you know it! congratulations!