Saturday, November 6, 2010

Dressing Upwards

It has been a busy past week, and I am very behind getting stuff together for November.  In fact, I just put away the Halloween decorations over the past few days.  Busy working mom, sick with a cold, if you need the excuses, I got them. But it's finally down with the gleeful ghoulies and up with the somber thankfulness of the new season.

I picked up this fall wreath several weeks ago at Goodwill, and really like the collection of berries and leaves. I figured I'd add more to it, since it didn't look as lush as I wanted.  So far I've only added this sparkly ribbon from Joann's Fabrics.  I was originally thinking I'd find a grapevine wreath or maybe another leafy wreath to incorporate it into, but looking at it, I'm thinking maybe more a leaf garland, an ivy leaf, like a grape ivy maybe.  It still needs some reshaping as well, I'm not loving the current angular look of it.  Nonetheless, I put it on my door, right next to the final skeleton which still needs returning to the storage area. Yeah, yeah, I'll do that later, I have a teenager nagging me to help her dye her hair a ruby red/auburn.

Before I go to figure out how to mix the six components needed to achieve the exact shade of red hair my daughter desires, I want to share this latest find.  I happened upon it at the Goodwill, and while I don't consider it a big bargain, it was still in its original packaging, and at $10 was probably retail price, I do love it.  The phrase at the bottom is 'A family is a little world created by love.'  That really speaks to me, and I did like the design of the plaque, so it came home with me.  It was a little large for the area I first envisioned it in, so it's now hanging by a closet we use often. Hopefully it won't be in the way there, it's amazing how people can bump into stuff hanging off my walls, but we live in a small condo, so sometimes I have to move things around before they find a practical place for keeps. This one is a keeper, no matter where it lands.
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Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Both were good finds ! it's hit or miss at the GW and Sally here. I remember shopping in Oakland at the huge Sally ... oh my always goodies there.

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi: What a great find! You are a good mom doing the hair red. She will always remember your help. Blessings, Martha

shannon i olson said...

great finds...and good luck on that hair!!;)

mississippi artist said...

Perfect family sentiment on your wall hanging. I like the wreath just the way it is. I have most of my Thanskgiving up-but oh how I hate to think about dragging out the Christmas!

Catlyn Berry (Cizz) said...

I love the wreath just the way it is, it has a quaintness about it and the wall hanging is wonderful! Prefect words!


crazymotheringchick said...

Wow, I love the family wall hanging, that's beautiful. And even though ten bucks might be steep at Goodwill, if you had found that for ten bucks at Big Lot's you'd have snapped it up and thought it a bargain, so it's a great find!

Patti's Artful Design said...

Thank you for joining my "NOEL" seashell letter giveaway! And, thank you for those very kind comments. I will follow you also. Happy Autumn decorating!!