Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Finally! A Shabby Grouping

I am so delighted with my actual full grouping of all shabby chic pieces. I have to admit, I love the look of shabby chic, but really have never applied it to our home decorating. One reason is my dear husband, who shares a rather traditional decorating style with me, but sees no real good in 'old' pieces. So my more vintage or antique looking stuff has been an odd piece here or there.

One of the pieces I got a couple years ago was this delightful bird. I bought it, clearance of course, at JC Penneys. I had seen others there in different poses, but by the time I scored this at 75% off, this was what was left. I love the sweet detail of it, but imagine my chagrin one day when I picked it up and discovered a new chip on its perky little tail. That had not been there as early as a couple days before that. When I gave the usual suspects my hotheaded suspicions, my older daughter debated that the cat must have knocked it off. Really? And did the cat also pick it back up and replace it in its proper place? Sigh. So it's a bit shabbier than the original design called for. I still love it.
This green birdhouse was picked up a few weeks ago at Michaels, where we were getting a gift for hubby's mom's birthday. I saw a whole shelf of variations of these adorable birdhouses, marked down from $20 to $7. The hardest decision was choosing just one. I don't think you can see it very well, but it has a glass doorknob for a perch under the hole. Now I'm thinking I should get some of those hanger/murals I've seen made like that, with the glass knobs.

The final piece to my collection is the scrolled antique finished photo frame I found last week at the Goodwill. $1.50, just my price. I think it really wraps up the set nicely. In fact, I'm thinking I can expand my collection and actually concentrate shabby chic in my bedroom. Hubby doesn't mind too much what I do there, and just so long as I don't get carried away and start painting the Thomasville dressers white, he should be good with it. I can't wait!

My sister Julie has joined me in Adventures in Blogland.  Julie is a wonderful woman, the mother of 4 precious boys, 2 of them on the autistic spectrum. Julie is a very talented crocheter, she loves to blog about her latest project.  She's linked up to a crochet pattern giveaway this week. You can check out the giveaway blog here crochetdovegiveaway  or visit Julie's blog at crazymotheringchick - she's new at this, like me, and we're both still operating on a learning curve.


crazymotheringchick said...

Wow, you figured out to do a button for me. Thanks! I love you, too!

So that's the birdhouse you were telling me about. It is so not what I expected. I love it, it's gorgeous. The frame is awesome, as well as the bird. That's a great grouping. Maybe a bush or a bouquet or something in there to set it all off, and/or a floral scarf, or I know, a crocheted doily! I know, I am such a follower of the 'more is more' philosophy. Ha ha. It's probably better your way. It's a wonderful grouping, very nice!

crazymotheringchick said...

Hey,Jane. Check out this blog. http://paloma81.blogspot.com She was featured in Better Homes and Gardens, and they gave her blogspot address. Maybe you'll like her. I admit, I haven't dug into her blog yet, but maybe we can explore it at the same time, huh?

Bella said...

Hi Jane... I love your shabby group.. I have a fondness for birds and their houses:-)
The cabins I posted from Mount Rainer, are really small just playhouse size. They may have been meant for children to play in or just to draw tourists attention.. cute though:-)

Leslie @ goodbye, house! HELLO, HOME! said...

Oh, Jane!
I love the trio and had to LAUGH when you mentioned the chip on the bird's tail and your daughter--we have ferrets that get blamed at our house! ;)
I wish I could crochet! Those doves are so so cute--we have several pairs of doves that like in our yard--I just love them!
I am gonna go say hi to your sister, too!
Have a wonderfully blessed day making your home!

DesigningLadyJane said...

Thanks for visiting and leaving comments, all! I'm really enjoying how to share my little life happenings and be inspired from others on these pages.

Christina's Creative Side said...

Love those pieces!!

I'm passing an award to you. Check it out here: http://christinascreativeside.blogspot.com/2010/07/two-awards-wow.html