Sunday, December 13, 2009

Decorating a Holiday Home

I am finally excited about decorating for the holidays - a little late in the season, I know. Reading through some other people's post inspired me to turn up the glitz and reveal my romantic side, and for now that involves many shiny things!

I've been going strong on poinsettias this past couple years, hope it hasn't become too much. I vary between the red and white ones, I like the contrast of both colors. I love garland and it's many possibilities.

My style in somewhat eclectic. I love both the traditional home look and the shabby chic look, I've also been drawn to the Tuscan style which has become so popular recently. Before that I would have said I leaned toward French Country, but with a casual twist. Maybe French cottage? So my challenge is to pull all this together into a cohesive look.

Of course there's also the challenge of decorating around life being lived. When you share a rather small (1000 sq. ft.) condo with a husband, two teenage daughters and two cats who don't take you seriously about not sleeping on counters or tables, things are always displaced, if not downright messy. How then to stage your lovely decorative items without them being piled upon by stray backpacks and books or left-behind jackets and shoes. It's all a matter of creating a home beautiful to live in without making it uncomfortable to live with.

Wish me luck!

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crazymotheringchick said...

Wow, how have I never seen this post 'til today? And that only because it was on my dashboard. Gah!

Good luck! LMHO

And hey! What can I make you for your holiday home? I have an idea for a little thing that will be in your Christmas box, but any requests?